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Character Information
Name: Black Pallito
Sex: Male
Vocation: Zinx Elder Druid
Level: 728
World: BaiakZinx
Residence: Baiak
House:Unnamed House #268435692 (Baiak)
Guild Membership: Leader of the Revoada
Balance: $ 49.404.731 gold coins.
Last login: 9 April 2024, 8:12 pm
Created: 11 March 2024, 6:51 pm
Account Status: Premium Account

Quest Complete: 0%

1 Apr 2024, 22:59 Killed at level 727 by Trzposky, Fizzle Riot, Strogonoff and by protect king.
1 Apr 2024, 22:58 Killed at level 728 by Mary, Akira, Fizzle Riot, Strogonoff, a protect castle, Trzposky and by Kilua.
1 Apr 2024, 22:36 Killed at level 728 by Yep, Strogonoff, Fizzle Riot and by Trzposky.
31 Mar 2024, 23:07 Killed at level 727 by Xama, Orgrim Doomhammer, Jackinho and by protect castle.
31 Mar 2024, 22:56 Killed at level 726 by Nikel, Pallyzin, One Love, Killer, Last Zamuray, Don San and by King Marley.
30 Mar 2024, 23:00 Killed at level 708 by Raek War, Bob Marley, Ichigoo, Edo Tensei Bubba, Pallyzin, Nikel and by Sussy Lu.
30 Mar 2024, 22:59 Killed at level 709 by Last Zamuray, Raek War, Killer, Bob Marley, Super Alcalde, a protect castle and by Shai Gilgeous.
30 Mar 2024, 22:58 Killed at level 710 by Nikel, Sussy Lu, Last Zamuray, Bob Marley, Pallyzin, Ichigoo, Morreu, Edo Tensei Bubba, Killer and by protect castle.
30 Mar 2024, 22:54 Killed at level 711 by Morreu, Killer, Raek War, Super Alcalde, Ichigoo, Nikel, Masty Fox, Pallyzin and by Sussy Lu.
30 Mar 2024, 22:49 Killed at level 709 by Morreu, Sussy Lu, Raek War, Super Alcalde, Nikel, Ichigoo, Bob Marley, a protect king, Killer and by Masty Fox.


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Florexita Ixe
839, Zinx Elder Druid
Pally Son
836, Zinx Royal Paladin
Rushar War
833, Zinx Elite Knight
4 - Pallyzin
830, Zinx Royal Paladin
5 - Mayo Zambada
821, Zinx Elder Druid
Castle 48h
Castle 24h
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